Mrs Mop

The Tidy Tyrant is due back tomorrow.  Safe to say I don’t share his enthusiasm for having the place look like a show home.  Thus a sh1t load of housework has been done today.  Daisy and Huxley were very generous with their napping this morning and gave me a 2 hour window in which to tackle it.  Either that or they found watching mummy clean exceedingly dull.  Who can blame them?

I really went to town.  I even hoovered the shutters (those things don’t half collect dust) and got my window vac out and cleaned the windows.  I finished by mopping the whole of downstairs.  The floor was shimmering.  By this point Huxley was getting really quite hangry, and feeling guilty for ignoring them all morning, I stopped to feed him.  As usual he guzzled down the bottle, and then promptly coughed and spluttered it back up all over my lovely clean floor.  Bless him, he has a cold, I thought to myself while retrieving my bucket to give the floor its second clean of the day.  I was just putting the bucket back when I heard a suspicious sounding splat.  Not to be outdone by her little brother, Daisy had projectile vomited all over the floor.  Another floor mopping, another change of clothes, another load of washing.  Sigh.


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