Chromosome Disorders

Rotten Reflux

Today has been one of those days when my patience has been tested to breaking point.  I decided after two projectile vomits yesterday (one a day is the norm in this house), the reflux medicine is actually making things worse.  So I am abandoning it.

We have been over and over the reasons for her vomiting.  She has had a barium swallow meal to look at what is going on when she is fed and that didn’t show up anything abnormal.  She also had a PH Test which did prove that she has reflux but it didn’t correlate with her actually being sick.  We have been told to expect her to grow out of it but Daisy doesn’t grow very quickly!  She used to projectile vomit between 2-3 times a weeks max.  Now it is a daily occurrence.  We’ve tried changing the milk. We’ve tried feeding her less and more often.  Nothing seems to make much difference.  The Tidy Tyrant says we just have to accept that’s what she does and stop obsessing about it.  We’re all seeing he’s not the one doing all the washing, showering, changing and mopping.

Usually Daisy will projectile vomit within about 10 minutes of being fed.  It has always been fair to assume that once the 10/15 window has elapsed that we are safe.  Not recently though.  These days it can be up to an hour after I have finished feeding her.  Like this morning.  The first vom of the day.  I showered and changed her and mopped the floor.  Off we went to see a friend’s beautiful new house.  I am very glad I came back to feed her and didn’t do it there because she vomited again.  I showered and changed her and mopped the floor.  Again.

She was tired so I put her down for a nap.  Then she vomited in the bed. AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!  There was a LOT of swearing at this point.  I showered and changed her and the bed.  Then she crashed out.  Not ideal when we only had 30 minutes until it was time to leave to take her to her Hydropool group.  Daisy likes her sleep.  Daisy does not like to be woken from her sleep.   I very nearly left her asleep and didn’t take her to the Hydropool Group but I knew she would love it once she got there.  I admit it was foolish of me to attempt to take her there on the bike.  She raged even more about that.  By this time my rage was escalating too.  So we turned back, got in the car and off we went, leaving Huxley in the capable hands of my Dad, Patient Pops.  Glamorous Grammy is holidaying in Goa this week.  Jealous much.

Thankfully I am pleased to tell you we had a lovely time at the Hydropool Group.  It’s a small group of children all under 3 with a variety of additional needs.  Daisy loves it.  She’d happily spend all day everyday in the pool.  It is a really lovely supportive little group and most of the children have been going for about a year or so now.  It has been brilliant to see the progress they have all made.  One of them has just started walking.  It made me smile :o)

On days like this I often feel like cracking open the prosecco, or the gin.  But it’s Monday,    and that’s not the best start to the week.  Especially when I am meant to be training for a half marathon and the baby weight I am supposed to be losing seems to be increasing?!?! Patient Pops was a legend and said he’d stay and watch Daisy and Huxley so I could go a run.  I think when I threatened to have her adopted (it was a joke!), he felt it was a necessity.  I managed 9 miles.  I am very chuffed with that.  And all thoughts of adoption have been extinguished.  And I feel very guilty about having them in the first place.  Poor little Doodles can’t help being sick.

Now I am away to check with google that the reason my wee is purple is that I ate beetroot last night…





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