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Happy Happy Huxley

There has been less to write about my happy little man because he is such a content, easy baby.  Unless of course I have neglected to feed him in the three and a half seconds since he has angrily announced he is utterly starving.  Much like his Daddy.  I fear this is another Stov that I am going to have to hide my chocolate from.  If The Tidy Tyrant wakes up in the night, he wanders downstairs, still half asleep,  and devours any chocolate he can find.  Most annoying when you have used an enormous amount of willpower to save your precious piece of chocolate for the following day.  Thus I had to buy a lockable tin to keep my chocolate treats in.  Which reminds me; I really must find the key.  I have outfoxed myself this time with my hiding places.

It has been an absolute treat to watch Huxley guzzle his bottle after the trials and tribulations of feeding Daisy.  He is very pukey though.  And this has caused real problems with the skin around his chin.  Hydrocortisone cream has cleared it up a little but the poor wee man still has a bright red beard.  It’s a bit like eczema.  I have heard that this can be a sign of an allergy so I am a bit nervous about starting to wean him.

He takes me surprise all the time with the things he has learnt to do.  Because everything took so long with Daisy, I am not used to the speed with which babies develop.  It’s extra special as we were told that he may or may not meet his milestones and so far he seems to be hitting them.  Long may it continue.  He has started to pull himself up to a sitting position and it is not going to be long before he can flip himself from his back to his front.  I love that I can have little conversations with him and he mimics the noises I make.  Then his eyebrows go up and his eyes crinkle and I get one of those heart melting smiles.  I’m a bit annoyed that Glamorous Grammy seems to be getting more smiles than me though.  Daisy is very much a Daddy’s girl and I was hoping that Huxley would be a little mummy’s boy.  But it seems that Grammy might be his favourite.  Most unfair.  Maybe I should get a dog.

Today I have booked us our first holiday as a foursome.  We don’t get a summer holiday as The Tidy Tyrant’s work is seasonal.  We’re going on a cruise around the Canaries and then a 4 night stay in Tenerife in December, just before Christmas.   If you have never been on a cruise you should give it a go.  It is wasted on old people!  I first went with the parentals when they took my brother and I as a treat.  And well you aren’t going to knock back a free holiday.  It was bloody brilliant.  Which took me quite by surprise I can tell you.  You can laze around and chill by the pool, wander off the ship for a nosey in a different place everyday or go on one of their many excursions.  There is always a restaurant open so you can, and will, end up eating about 7 times a day.  And if like us you are partial to a bit of booze then you might as well get the drinks package and drink all day too.  Patient Pops actually collected all the drinks stubs when he and Glamorous Grammy went on a cruise the other year.  He went home and put together a spreadsheet of all that they had drunk in order to assess the value for money of the drinks package.  Needless to say it was a bargain.

Tonight I decided to slack off and abandon the night time bath routine.  My justification was that Daisy had a shower with me this morning after she projectiled her first bottle up all over the place, and Huxley’s dry skin surely means I should bath him less.  I thought he would appreciate this as he looks nothing short of terrified when I put him in the bath.  He goes rigid.  The only time he relaxes is when he is having his hair washed.  I gave him a little wash, got him into his jammies and gave him is last bottle.  There were some rather disgusting smells coming from his bottom that would rival his Auntie Toshi’s putrid farts.  Then there was an almighty squelch.  Right up the back of the nappy and up his back.  Seems he wanted a bath after all.  I suppose at least I hadn’t already bathed him so I wasn’t repeating the whole exercise.  Every cloud.



4 thoughts on “Happy Happy Huxley

  1. Gorgeous boy! Moo has had various food allergies including dairy so if you end up needing tips for that give me a shout. She’s nearly over the dairy though with only uncooked/lightly cooked milk still causing a problem. Still no eggs except baked in cake and no tomatoes. I’ve just got a stronger steroid for the eczema on her hands which the hydrocortisone wasn’t shifting. We have aveeno as her moisturiser which is fab.
    Hope you enjoy your cruise. I love the idea of the eat all the time aspect of it and my parents rave about cruises but I’m still not convinced. Looking forward to your report!

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