Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Tidy Tyrant

This weekend there has been much celebration around the birthday of The Tidy Tyrant.  It wasn’t a particularly special birthday but as he has spent most of the summer working in Denmark, we decided it was about time we threw in some date nights.  The last time we tried to go out Daisy decided to be poorly and we didn’t want to leave her.

So we deposited the chromawesome kids at Glamorous Grammy’s and treated ourselves to dinner at the Chez Roux Restaurant within Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel.  It was delicious.  We’d thoroughly recommend it. We are looking for excuses to go again soon.

Daisy Doodles decided to party all night at Grammy’s.  Most peculiar as she has always been a big fan of a massive sleep.  The following afternoon it became clear quite why she’d been awake all night.  She was not herself and when we took her temperature it was up at 39.  Her normal temperature is 36.3.  I know this from when she was on chemo and I would take her temperature hundreds of times a day to check she didn’t have an infection.  They tell you to only take your child’s temperature if they feel hot.  As if.  You have a tiny baby on chemo and you are permanently terrified that they are going to get a bad infection and you will lose them.  Because of this, Daisy is perfectly used to me sticking a thermometer into her ear whenever she seems slightly under the weather.  Doesn’t even bat an eyelid.  Huxley, as I’ve discovered this weekend, is not so amenable to having a thermometer stuck in his ear.

So she has been under the weather all weekend.  Even Mr Tumble couldn’t generate a smile.  We took her to the Dr this morning and he thinks its just been a virus.  Thankfully she seems to be on the mend now.  Obviously there has been more puking than normal.  There is always more puking than normal when she is ill.  Even when it isn’t a tummy bug.  Mrs Mop has been in demand.

We did manage to squeeze in another night out though.  Again the chromawesome kids went for a sleepover at Grammy’s; armed with a bottle of calpol.  We were under strict instructions from Glamorous Grammy that we should not find our way to the local nightclub.  Apparently we are too old for such nonsense.  This time we were exceptionally well behaved and made our way home after pub closing time.  Big pat on the back for us.  Perhaps we are getting old.

We’ve also had Huxley at the Drs today.  It’s a shame that the NHS don’t do loyalty points because we’d be in the platinum club by now.  His poor little face is still all red and sore from all his reflux.  Thankfully not of the projectile variety.  We have a new cream to try and they have thrown in some antibiotics as he is sounding very congested.  The banana flavoured antibiotic was not as well received as the strawberry calpol.  Here’s hoping it clears everything up.  Not that it has particularly bothered my happy little man.  He’s still been chatting and smiling away as much as normal.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t catch the virus Daisy’s had.  So far so good.

This week we are going to embark on decorating Daisy’s new room.  She is being promoted to the bigger room so Huxley can move to the nursery.  Poor little man getting a hand me down room.  The Tidy Tyrant has been in his element clearing out the new room.  I think he missed his Vax while he was away as he’s given the whole house a vacuum.  Since Hoovergate, when I may have inadvertently vacuumed up some beer and almost got myself divorced, I am reluctant to use it.

Despite Doodles being a bit under the weather, we’ve had a brilliant weekend.  Big thanks to Glamorous Grammy and Patient Pops for their exemplary chromawesome kid sitting which has enabled us to partake in our favourite pastimes, eating and drinking.  Hopefully The Tidy Tyrant’s birthday present will arrive soon.  I’m not sure he believes that I have bought him a present.  I promise I have gorgeous!  Happy Birthday xx


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