Flickers of a Future Foodie

We have finally come to the end of the Christmas and New Year shenanigans.  Last week we took Daisy and Huxley on a road trip to Ireland to see their Nifty Nan (Great Nan who looks at least 10 years younger than she is) and Glorious Grandad.  They took the 10 hour trip in their tiny strides and I did ok considering I am the worst passenger in the world.  The Tidy Tyrant didn’t moan too much about my back seat driving anyway.

It was lovely to spend a few chilled out days with them.  Daisy and Huxley enjoyed rolling around in front of the wood burner in not very many clothes.  We enjoyed being treated like a King and Queen and being plied with delicious food.

The night we got there I sat Daisy and Huxley down and served them some soup.  I had to go and refill the bowl!  And it wasn’t just Huxley.  Daisy was willing to have as many spoonfuls as him.  I’m still not sure how much food she was actually swallowing but she was clearly enjoying showing off to Glorious Grandad as I have never, ever, ever seen her eat so many spoonfuls.

She’s been great all week; tasting the food instead of turning her head in the other direction.  I think the credit has to go to her happy little bro Huxley.  She is clearly sensing that there is someone chasing her tail and is upping her game.

Today we had our first attempt at putting real food down her tube.  We are starting out by replacing one of her formula feeds with a blended meal.  We kept it easy today.  We mixed a 4 month pouch of cottage pie with some oat milk, to reduce the consistency, and then put 120 mls of it down her tube.  It was quite ambitious.  I think most people start with 30mls or so but we decided to just go for it.  She was watching us intently.  It was like she knew that it wasn’t the normal milk going down.  It stayed down.  I’m taking that as a little bit of success.  We need to get the volumes up as she needs to be having about 200mls per feed but its a great start.  Now we wait and see how her little digestive system copes with it.  Fingers crossed.

This evening I gave her a carrot stick; the ones that are like wotsits.  She took it off me and bit into it.  I could have cried.  Actually touching food, actually putting it to her mouth and actually knowing what to do with it.  Outstanding Daisy Doodles.  She then dropped it (new favourite game) and I would catch it and give it back to her and she’d bite into it again.  I’ll post the little video on Instagram.  This little lady has thoroughly amazed me this week.  I couldn’t be prouder.  I’m becoming more and more convinced that my little tubie is going to become an eater.

As for the projectile vomiting, The Tidy Tyrant and I have been trying to remember the last time she was sick.  I think it was either the 31st December or 1st January.  So a good 7/8 days.  Unfortunately she has just been sick as I typed this, but I had just given her some milk and she was falling asleep.  We have noticed that if she is really tired and falls asleep just after she has been fed, she tends to wake up and vomit.  I’ve been wondering if it’s something to do with her muscles relaxing.  None of the food came back up though, so I am putting this vomit down to tiredness and not the blended meal.

I have passed my cold to Happy Huxley.  Not that it has bothered him other than making him a little more pukey again.  My chatty little man has been as bubbly as ever.  He’s been trying to move on his tummy and resembles a little seal.  He gets really frustrated when this doesn’t work.  I’ve been trying to help him bring his knees up but he’s not cottoned on to it yet.  I’m sure he’ll work it out soon.

The Tidy Tyrant and I have decided to embark on dry January.  Something I would normally frown upon.  But we have to get back into fitness; we’ll be chasing Huxley around in no time.  This week we are going to leave the chromawesome kids with Glamorous Grammy and Patient Pops for a day and try and bag ourselves another Munro.  We have 281 to get through.

We’ve probably had too good a festive period.  So much so that we are very much looking forward to returning to our normal routine this week and embarking on our blended diet adventure.  Wish us luck.  Oh and Happy New Year! (I forgot to wish you one in my last blog).



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