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So far, so good

Here are some fabtastic things that have happened this week:

1. Daisy’s feet have grown.  At the grand old age of 2 years and 10 months she has made it to  a size 2 and a half!  This means she gets a new pair of orthopaedic boots; she needs the extra stability they give her.  They are a far cry from the ugly orthopaedic shoes people had when I was young.  I chose her a pair that look a bit like Kickers and are bright pink.  She’ll model them for you when they arrive.

2. Daisy was back at nursery for the first time in ages.  The staff all commented on the difference they could see in her; making more noise, smiling more and starting to take steps when she is standing (with support).  EVEN better than this, she ate ALL of her Jamaican jerk chicken and most of her pear puree while sitting having lunch with her pals.

3. This is the fourth night of replacing her last formula feed with a blend.  Yesterday I made enough pasta bolognese, whizzed up with some flaxseed and oat milk, for two nights.   Both nights, she has managed 3 full 60ml syringes of the blend back to back and then 20mls of water to flush it through.  We NEVER give her formula back to back as she invariably projectile vomits.  We haven’t had any vomiting since Sunday night (please don’t jinx it, please don’t jinx it, please don’t jinx it).

4. Daisy managed to do a number two in the potty.  She is far from ready to be toilet trained but the Tidy Tyrant has decided she should be put on the potty if she looks like she is going to do a number two.  And well maybe he had a point as she managed it.  Well done Daisy.

Some not so fantabulous things that have happened this week:

1. The weather was too bad to go up a Munro.  65 mile an hour gales, snowstorms and whiteouts were enough to make me abandon the idea.  The Tidy Tyrant still reckoned he would have gone up…

2. I am a bad mummy and forgot Huxley was 7 months old yesterday and missed the obligatory 7 month milestone card photograph.  Oops.  He doesn’t seem to care thankfully.

All in all a pretty bloody good week so far, and it’s only Wednesday.

We are still managing dry January without too much trouble.  What has been harder is passing by McDonalds.  The Stovs love a McDonalds.  But in the interests of a good challenge and to aid the get fit regime, we have decreed that there is to be no eating of McDonalds this year.  There.  It is in print.  We will now have to abide by it.  Possibly more stupid than dry January.



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