low muscle tone

Smashing Standing

We’ve had the physio out to visit this afternoon.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen her because of Christmas and holidays and the rest.  Delighted to be able to tell you that she was very impressed with how Daisy has come on since she last saw her.  So much so that we have handed back the standing frame and she is going to see about getting her a walking frame! Whoop whoop.  My little lady is soooooooooo going to walk.

Huxley did some showing off too and did a pretty good impression of a plate of jelly.  He just needs to work out how useful his arms could be when he topples over.  She said that for a baby with Down’s Syndrome he is doing extremely well with his physical milestones.  Super news.  I am really hoping that once he is on the move and crawling around, Daisy might decide to copy him.  Then I’ll not be able to leave them for a minute and shall surely be allowed a cleaner!!

In other news, the Tidy Tyrant has made dinner.  A lamb stew.  I am delighted.  Usually when he makes dinner, he makes potatoes.  I once got a weird take on bombay potatoes.  And not as the side dish.  A main meal of bombay potatoes.  I’m sure some people would love this, however I don’t actually like potatoes.  He has rarely been allowed to make me dinner since.  Daisy will also be getting some lamb stew blended in the NutriBullet.  It’s blooming fantastic.  Whizzes things down to a puree.  There’s no question whether Hungry little Huxley will enjoy the lamb stew.  He is getting to be a bit of a tank.

Still managing to stick by the no McDonalds rule.  Stovs 1 – McDonalds 0!


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