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Super Science with the Stovs

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It can be difficult to decide what sort of things to take Daisy to given that she can’t walk or talk.  I can take her in the ball pool at a soft play but that’s about it.  When we go to soft play on playdates she can’t really get involved although she does love watching other kids play.  I think I am often guilty of not taking her places as I feel that she might not be able to really take part making it a bit of a waste of money.

On Friday we took a family trip to Glasgow Science Centre on the recommendation of my friend Vazatron.  I have to admit to not expecting there to be much there for Daisy to do but The Tidy Tyrant and I both like science so we decided it was worth a day out.  Holy guacamole how wrong was I?  It was absolutely fantastic.  There was plenty for her to do.  Now that she is making connections between cause and effect there were heaps and heaps of interactive displays for her to try.  It was awesome to watch her little face in real concentration trying to work out what was happening.  There are three whole floors of this fantabulousness.  They even have an area specifically for toddlers and children with loads of different things to do.  Everyone should go.  Everyone!

The one low point of the trip was when she puked up her lunchtime blend in the cafe area.  However, it is a lot easier to be discrete with a blended projectile vomit as it doesn’t quite have the same reach as milk does.  We think it was because we added oil to the blend as we are trying to fatten her up.  Her lack of weight gain is causing me a little stress.

Daisy got her walker last week.  The physio was pleased with how responsive she was to it on her initial try.  She can’t walk with it yet.  The goal for the moment is to have her supporting her own weight using her arms.  Not easy for someone who has very little strength in her arms.  The only time she uses them to move herself about in any way is to push herself up when she is cuddling in to one of us.  But, she will get there.  I know she will.  We are going to take it up to nursery for her to try it there.  She was totally incentivised to stand in the first place after we took her standing frame to nursery.  I think she liked being at the same level as the other children.  Fingers crossed she gets the hang of it soon and maybe she’ll even start taking steps!

Huxley is still loving his food and is becoming quite a little tank.  I think he’s going to have to work out how to move soon or he’ll be too big to move!  We’ve been practising with finger food.  This is where I notice he is behind his peers.  He tries his best to pick up food but he finds it tricky.  When he does manage to pick food up he tends to wave it around in front of his mouth and then drop it.  Weirdly he can get toys to his mouth!  What I do love is that he lets you know when he needs a drink.  I’ll be feeding him and then he’ll stop and reach out to his cup to let you know he wants some water.  I get such pleasure out of feeding him after all the trials and tribulations of Daisy and her food.

This week Daisy turns three.  We’ll be going to her favourite restaurant, Pizza Express.  A millions miles from last year’s birthday when she spent it in hospital having a gastrostomy.  I think I’ll blend some birthday cake for her and put it down her tube.  Three years old before she has consumed any birthday cake!  I’ll have to find a milk free one so that Huxley can have some too.


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