Milk Allergy

And the Bad Mummy Award goes to…

Today I have had an absolute shocker.  I am seriously hoping it is the baby brain.  This morning, I took Daisy and Huxley to Baby Sensory and then went for our usual brunch with friends at our very favourite lunch spot, The Hideaway.  I always order Huxley the soup as it is usually dairy free.… Continue reading And the Bad Mummy Award goes to…

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Celebrating Another Baby Stov

It has been lovely to read all of the congratulations on Facebook today.  We are very touched.  I fully expected ‘oh my god are you mad?’ comments and am somewhat disappointed no one didn’t.  You are a polite bunch. The two questions I was sure someone would ask were,  Was it planned? and, have you… Continue reading Celebrating Another Baby Stov

Weight Gain

She’s only gone and gained some weight!!!!

Today I bring you the brilliant, marvellous, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful and magnificent news that Daisy has gained 0.5kg.  Even those words don’t describe how happy this makes me.  It has been stressful every month when I have taken her to the Health Visitor and she hasn’t gained an ounce.  We weighed her twice as I couldn’t… Continue reading She’s only gone and gained some weight!!!!