Weight Gain

She’s only gone and gained some weight!!!!

Today I bring you the brilliant, marvellous, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful and magnificent news that Daisy has gained 0.5kg.  Even those words don’t describe how happy this makes me.  It has been stressful every month when I have taken her to the Health Visitor and she hasn’t gained an ounce.  We weighed her twice as I couldn’t quite believe it.  Finally all those extra calories, less puking and better sleeping is paying off.  I am absolutely convinced that the blended diet is the right thing for her, but I was getting worried that if she didn’t gain weight soon the medical people might make me switch back to the evil formula junk.  And make no mistake that’s what it is.  Chemical junk.

The Tidy Tyrant has been away for over a week now and we are missing him and his tidy ways.  And now Glamorous Grammy and Patient Pops have buggered off on holiday.  Can you believe I am actually having to look after my own children 100% of the time?  I say 100%, but Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful came over for dinner tonight and they very kindly bathed the bambinos for me.  It was very much appreciated.

I’ve been kept entertained over the weekend but lots of lovely friends who have let me, Daisy and Huxley join in their various shenanigans.  Thanking you muchly all you kind people.  I find the weekends the hardest when The Tidy Tyrant is away because friends tend to be busy doing family things.  I really must plan better and keep myself occupied.  Obviously the bambinos keep me busy but I am not a fan of my own company.  I can’t wait until Huxley can talk (and hopefully Daisy!) and then I’ll have someone to chat to.

Today Garrulous Gabi was kind enough to watch Daisy for me so I could take Huxley to an audiology appointment.  Which turned out to be another wasted appointment.  They couldn’t get any definitive results as he is congested.  Again.  He is always congested.  He passed his hearing test when he left hospital after he was born but they want him to have a more in depth one because of his Down’s Syndrome.  So we’ve to go back in a few months.  We’ve had the same scenario with Daisy for 2.5 years now.  They can’t be sure of her responses.  The tests they do require them to be developmentally ready and well, Daisy is developmentally miles behind.  We have an appointment for her tomorrow so we’ll see if they make any headway with her.  I don’t know how the audiologists do it.  Hours of their time spent trying to get results from children who don’t want to play ball.  It must be so frustrating.

Huxley had a go on his wee pal Iona’s jumperoo at her 1st birthday party yesterday.  Happy Birthday Iona!  He absolultey loved it.  Now I feel guilty as he has never had one.  Daisy’s hip surgeon said she absolutely wasn’t allowed on one as it would push her hips back out of place again.  He said he didn’t think they were good for any child.  So I decided that I shouldn’t get Huxley one.  I didn’t want Daisy to be jealous watching him bouncing away on it and I was worried that it might cause problems for him.  But in reality millions of kids have them without any issues so I’m tempted to try and find a second hand one for him.  There’s no point buying a new one as I can’t imagine he’ll be in it for long.

That’s about all there is to report for just now.  I’m off to enjoy some bambino free time and watch Broadchurch.  And maybe eat some chocolate.  I have added to my stash, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be ransacked in the middle of the night by the chocolate thief.  There are some pros to him being in another country…


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