Milk Allergy

And the Bad Mummy Award goes to…

Today I have had an absolute shocker.  I am seriously hoping it is the baby brain.  This morning, I took Daisy and Huxley to Baby Sensory and then went for our usual brunch with friends at our very favourite lunch spot, The Hideaway.  I always order Huxley the soup as it is usually dairy free.  Today it was broccoli and stilton.  I diligently googled whether it was alright to give babies stilton.  The consensus on the internet seemed to be that it was ok in soup as it was heated.  So I ordered him some.  He seemed to enjoy it, although didn’t eat all that much as he was really, really tired.  Afterwards, he had a good sleep and when he woke up I gave him his usual afternoon bottle.  Everyone was happy and fed so off we went to Tesco to do the weekly shop.  Daisy and I really love a Tesco shop.  She loves to watch what is going on and gets chatted to by all the lovely people that work there.  Huxley on the other hand can be very temperamental in Tesco.  He has embarrassed me on a few occasions by deciding he is bored and hungry and so has screamed the place down in protest.  His latest Tesco trick is to spend the whole time pulling out Daisy’s hearing aids or pulling off her glasses.  It doesn’t half add to the length of time it takes to shop and ruin my shopping experience.  At one point I even removed him from the child seat and placed him in the trolley to get him away from her.   Only to discover that he then found a way to terrorise the shopping.  He also spent his time puking up mouthfuls of his milk which invariably hit him, Daisy and the floor.  He is known to be a bit of a puker, but I was really puzzled about quite why he was puking so much more than usual.

When we got home Glamorous Grammy popped over to see the bambinos.  I was telling her that he had been puking loads more than usual and I couldn’t work out why when suddenly realisation dawned.  What a complete fooking eejit I am.  I’m sure you all realised my stupid mistake in the last paragraph.  Seems it took me six hours and a lot of puke to work it out.  I only went and gave my dairy intolerant 10 month old stilton cheese.  Queue guilty mum syndrome.  In the past his symptoms have been a rash on his face and possets of puke so while I felt guilty, I wasn’t overly worried about him.  He was his normal happy smiley self.  He eagerly devoured his chicken stir fry dinner and then his coconut yoghurt.  Then it all went a bit awry.  Clearly he decided that I hadn’t been feeling enough remorse for my stupidity and so projectile vomited his bottle all over me and the floor, and had the shits at the same time.  I suppose having to bath him all over again and mop the floor is nothing more than I deserve for my stupidity.  I am pleased to report that he is fine and well and still seems to be smiling at me.

The Tidy Tyrant has now been away for nearly 4 weeks.  We are missing him heaps.  Not least because I am exhausted.  We have been kept occupied though.  We had a lovely weekend doing touristy stuff with two of my good friends from London.  Normally we spend most of our time together totally inebriated after a game of hockey so it was a refreshing change to be partaking in some alcohol free activities.  I say refreshing; I’d much rather have been sitting in a beer garden all day with them.  But Baby Val has put a stop to all that for the time being.  It did mean however, that Huxley had his first trip to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Ornament.  He was very grateful to Youthful Young (she who felt the need for a gap half year in Goa, at the grand old age of 39) for carrying him up the 246 steps to the top of the monument.   He definitely preferred that to sitting in a beer garden.  The moment of the weekend had to be when we asked a fellow tourist to take a picture of us all at the castle.  To say she looked displeased at the request is putting it mildly.  We persuaded Gung Ho Gooders that the photo would not be complete unless she was straddling a cannon.  Being the biddable friend that she is, up she climbed.  And promptly fell off the other side.  We burst into hysterics and the tourist with the resting b1tch face looked even more put out.  I have to hand it to her though.  She caught it on camera!

I have a couple of exciting weekends coming up to keep me busy while The Tidy Tyrant is away.  We were hoping to go and visit him but he says there is nothing for us to do there and he is working such long hours that it would be a waste of money.  I do hope Huxley remembers who he is when he eventually returns.

This weekend brings the 40th birthday party of my very good friend Alluring Alison.  It is most unfortunate that I am with child and am going to miss out on the free bar.  Although she claims she can only afford to foot the bill for a free bar because I am pregnant.  I’m sure Garrulous Gabi will oblige and make a considerable dent in it on my behalf.

The weekend after, Glamorous Grammy has very, very kindly agreed to look after the bambinos for 3 whole nights so that I can go to Madrid for a weekend with the girls.  Actually I think we are flying very early in the morning so it will be four nights.  It is a celebration of us turning 40 this year.  I can’t wait.  I’m going to be pregnant on my 40th (all being well), which is slightly bad timing on my part.  However, I am not one to deny myself the opporchancity for a big party so I plan to have a big celebration after Baby Val has been popped out.  Maybe I’ll even fly in the face of tradition and have a 41st instead.


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