Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today marks 11 months to the day that our little Huxley arrived into the world.  I can’t believe how fast this has come around.  It has only been in the last few months that we’ve felt that Daisy is finally coming out of the baby phase and tiptoeing into the toddler phase.  Huxley has hurtled through the baby phase and is right on Daisy’s tail.  I know it won’t be ling before he surpasses her in size and skills.  She still has one thing on him at the moment; she has far better fine motor skills than he does!

Daisy and Huxley have had an awesome weekend at Glamorous Grammy’s while I enjoyed a weekend in Madrid with my school friends and Chicago Jen.  It was spent moseying around with frequent food and drink stops.  Initially I didn’t book to go as I knew we were going to be trying for another baby and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it if I wasn’t able to enjoy a fair few drinks.  Not that you need a drink to enjoy yourself.  That’s you, not me.  I do need a drink to enjoy myself!  With The Tidy Tyrant having been away for so long, I decided that it would be lovely to have a break even if I couldn’t drink.  And what a lovely break I had.   Even if I did have to watch my friends getting slowly inebriated!  The whole weekend was utter bliss.  And no one to organise but myself.  The joy of going out with just wallet, keys, phone and good friends.

I remember a few years ago, when I was still single, finding it really depressing coming home after a long weekend away.  Now it’s really exciting to be coming home to see my bambinos.  And what a welcome I got.  My little man gave me the hugest (is that word?) smile and pulled me into him for a big face squish.  This is his latest thing to do.  It’s bloody lovely.  The headbutt that follows isn’t quite so nice but we’re working on that.

I did consider asking Glamorous Grammy to write a guest blog to document their weekend but I decided I was pushing my luck after wangling 4 nights away.  I mustn’t forget to give a big shout out to Uncle Quiet, Auntie Peaceful, Patient Pops, Garrulous Gabi and Auntie Grammy (my mum’s sister who I called Auntie Mummy when I was little) who helped out over the weekend.  Thank you all.  It was very much appreciated.

We had a weigh in this week.  Disappointingly Daisy has lost 0.1kg.  Only a tiny amount but not what I was hoping for.  She is now just 0.3kg heavier than Huxley!  He has managed to jump from the 9th percentile to the 50th percentile since we started weaning.  The wee chunk.  Thankfully Daisy has grown a little taller, so I have to hope that’s why her weight was down a little.  So now poor Daisy Doodles will have to endure another month of me stuffing her like foie gras.

Baby Val is making quite an impact already.  I was in Tesco tonight and the lady behind the counter asked when I was due.  I’m not even 17 weeks pregnant!  I’m going to be absolutely enormous by the end of this pregnancy.  I must remember not to do anything stupid like enter another marathon afterwards.  I’m thinking a half marathon might be a little more sensible.  And this time I’ll give myself more than 4 months post C-section.  Check me out, thinking I’ll have time to go out running with three babies to look after!

We’re still waiting on Huxley crawling.  No one is more frustrated than him.  He is definitely getting more dexterous and is finding novel ways to get himself around a room.  But on all fours, he hasn’t made it further than rocking.  I’ve given him a target of crawling by his 1st birthday.  I’m not sure he’s listening though to be honest.  Yes, yes, I know, I hear you all.  He’ll do it when he is ready.  I wish he would do it when I’m ready.  Why don’t babies work like that?

Daisy has been invited to her first birthday party outside my circle of friends.  I am so excited.  I’m not sure if they have just invited all of the nursery class or whether she has been specifically invited but it’s great news all the same.  I worry that she’ll get left out of things like that.  I know she probably won’t be able to partake in many of the activities but she will just love watching all the other kids.

Which reminds me.  I best get off here and get on with thinking about plans for Huxley’s 1st birthday party.  He won’t be pleased if he doesn’t get a home made cake like his sister did on her first birthday!





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