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The Tidy Tyrant is a Traitor

The Tidy Tyrant has now been away for 6 weeks.  I’m not sure Huxley will even remember him when he does eventually arrive home.  I think Daisy is missing him heaps though.  She is a proper little Daddy’s girl.  Anyway, I digress.  He has been travelling all day today to a new job location and only arrived there later this evening.  You won’t believe what he has gone and done!  He has only gone and eaten a McDonalds!  Four and a half months we have gone without a McDonalds and he goes and ruins it.  Didn’t even make it to half a year, never mind a full year.  He claims there was literally nowhere else to eat and it was that or starve.  Frankly I think he should have stuck to the cause and starved himself.  First, he races ahead of me when we were watching a box set together, and now this.  It’s a disgrace.  But now I am left in a quandary.  Do I sack off the McDonalds ban or do I stand tall and see it through to the bitter end?

We were at a coffee morning on Friday with a group of parents who all have a child with Down’s Syndrome.  We are hoping to set up a local parent and toddler group so we can support one another.  There were a couple of representatives from Down’s Syndrome Scotland, one of which was a speech and language therapist.  She was explaining to us that getting to grips with eating, especially chewing, and drinking through a straw are important for children with Down’s Syndrome.  It helps the development of their oral muscles which is important for speech later on.  We have been pretty chuffed with Huxley’s ability to chew and suck a bottle but it got me thinking that I hadn’t tried him with a straw.  Clearly I want the wee man to chat to me as soon as he can so off I trotted today to find him a cup with a straw.  And well he nailed it.  Not a bit of bother to my wee man.  So I’m very pleased with that and hoping that is good news for his speech later on.

He did another pretty cool thing this morning.  I laid him down in his cot as he was exhausted and getting crabbit.  I left him and went to check up on Daisy.  He clearly decided that despite being totally knackered he was not up for having a nap and started making his feelings known.  Loudly.  I went back through and he was sat up in his cot.  I definitely put him down on his back.  Which means the wee man must have managed to sit himself up from a lying position.  He’s never managed this before.  I’ve been showing him for months how to do it, and while he can do it with a little nudge from me, when left to his own devices he seems to forget what I have shown him.  I am so chuffed.  I hope he does it again soon and that this time I don’t miss it.

Daisy and I were at a birthday party this afternoon.  She had an absolute ball.  It is so lovely to see the pleasure she gets from watching the other kids having fun.  Huxley went to Uncle Quiet’s house and watched the football.  Apparently he is a Liverpool fan.  Uncle Quiet is his only hope for football related fun as I can’t stand it and The Tidy Tyrant isn’t a fan either.

I also learned this week that I got an award from my hockey club in recognition of the work I have done as membership secretary despite the fact I haven’t played for the past two seasons due to being pregnant/just having had a c-section.  I am absolutely chuffed to bits with this.  A bit of thanks and recognition goes a long way.  My old club could learn a lot.  I was treasurer there for seven years and I’m not sure I even got a thank you when I left!!!

I best get off to bed as we have a wee trek through to Glasgow in the morning for a check up on Daisy’s hips.  Fingers crossed they are staying where they should be.



2 thoughts on “The Tidy Tyrant is a Traitor

  1. Always enjoy reading your posts Sally, lots of love (and apologies on behalf of your old club for your lack of treasurer awards, I for one was always very in awe of your financial organisation skills!) xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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