Birthday Celebrations

One whole year of our perfect boy

So the wee man is one.  And boy has that flown in.  All the early photos of him have been popping up on my Timehop this week and it has taken me right back to his first week.  That week when we didn’t know whether or not he had Down’s Syndrome and we feared the worst and hoped for the best.  And we well and truly got the very, very best.  Considerate Carmen was asking me on Sunday how I was feeling about the arrival of Baby Val.  I had to admit I am a bit terrified.  Huxley has been THE perfect baby.  He smiles.  He’s happy.  He’s cuddly.  He sleeps.  He eats.  Just about ALL of the time.  I don’t know how you can top that.  I am terrified I am going to get a screamer that refuses to sleep and that it will break me.

Huxley had a terrific birthday.  I invited friends and their children round but had neglected to actually count up how many people were coming until the morning of the party.  About 30 adults and 25 kids.  I admit I did panic at this point.  Remarkably, and thankfully, the Scottish weather gave us a break and the sun came out which meant we could spread outside.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves if the empty prosecco bottles were anything to go by.  It was pretty gutting to watch everyone else getting to guzzle prosecco all day.

It marked the start of a very exhausting week though.  It was appointments galore last week and I am only just starting to feel human again.  There were two hearing appointments, my 20 week scan (again, as Baby Val refused to play ball the first time), Hydropool Group, an inspection at school, a hospital appointment with Huxley, a rebound session for Daisy and then an anaesthetic for Daisy to check her eyes.  Yesterday I felt like someone had sucked all of the energy out of my body.

All the appointments went well though.  Baby Val is looking good.  Although to be honest Daisy and Huxley looked good at their 20 week scans so I am well aware that doesn’t always mean everything is as you would expect.  But there is no point worrying.  He/She is bouncing around inside me quite happily.  A few people have been asking ‘why Baby Val’.  It is because we found out I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day.  And no we don’t know the sex.  I love the surprise and the guessing game.  Glamorous Grammy thinks it’s a girl though.  I don’t have a feeling one way or the other.

Daisy’s eye check up went well again and this time we don’t have to go back for 6 months which is brilliant news.  I look forward to the day she is old enough to have her eyes checked without needing an anaesthetic.  It doesn’t really get any easier watching your precious bundle being put to sleep.  Even if you have been through it upwards of 30 times.  There was a mum on Friday at the theatre entrance with her teeny tiny little baby about to be taken in for an operation and she was breaking her heart.  It upset me even more than watching Daisy being put to sleep.  I remember being that mum with the tiny baby having to go through an operation.  You are absolutely terrified they aren’t going to come back out of it.  I wanted to go over and give her a big hug and tell her that her treasured baby was in good hands.

All teachers know that inspection week at school is pretty stressful.  It’s still pretty stressful when you only work a day and a half a week.  When you have been up late(ish) finalising your lessons and getting the resources ready and you are about to go to bed to try and get a decent night’s sleep, the last thing you need is for your three year old to puke all over her bed.  But we all know that when that’s the last thing you need, that’s the first thing that is going to happen.  At least it wasn’t chocolate pudding this time.  And thankfully it was only the once.  I didn’t appreciate the party she then decided to have for a few hours afterwards either.  It seems it wasn’t a bug though.  Just Daisy being Daisy.  Every cloud.

A really heartwarming thing happened at Huxley’s hospital appointment.  There was a mum there with her three boys, I’d guess they were about eight, three and one.  It looked like she was having a challenging time toilet training the three year old as he had her in and out of there about four times in five minutes.  One time, the eldest boy was left in the waiting room and he came over with a ride on toy and asked if I thought Huxley might like to have a go on it.  What a thoughtful little boy.  I was so touched.  I meant to say to his mum when she came back out but we were called in to Huxley’s appointment.  I bet he is a super big brother.

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I was ridiculously overexcited last week at the arrival of the twin trike and Daisy’s new Scooot.  They both definitely love the trike.  I think it’s because they get a 360 degree view of what’s going on.  A big plus for my two wee nosey parkers.  The only difficulty with it is that they can’t really sleep in it which means I can’t get it out as much as I would like.  Roll on Huxley growing out of his twice daily nap.  The Scooot is like a little seat on casters that Daisy can move with her legs.  She’s not shown much interest yet in actually moving anywhere on her own, but at least she now has the opporchancity.  We’re hoping it gives her a little independence.  It was a big hit at nursery as the other children can move her around so she doesn’t have to rely on an adult carrying her all the time.

We also had a blissful shop in Tesco with the trolley with the little car on the front.  It meant Daisy wasn’t pestered all the way round with Huxley taking off her glasses and hearing aids and I could actually get the shopping done in a reasonable amount of time.  Thank you Tesco!

I spent a second wedding anniversary in a different country from The Tidy Tyrant.  Maybe we’ll actually get to spend it together one year.  What a treat that would be.  Only 14 more sleeps until he is home.  I can’t wait.

A truly terrible thing happened last week.  The dishwasher broke.  Not what I needed on top of a busy week.  It was beginning to really get my goat when miraculously it starting working again.  Which is brilliant news, but it does make you worry that it is going to conk out again at any given moment.  Here’s hoping The Tidy Tyrant is home next time it chooses to do so.

We went to see MamaBabaMe at the theatre on Saturday morning.  A fabulous birthday pressie to Huxley from Considerate Carmen.  I have to admit that it was a bit arty for me and I didn’t quite get the gist of what was going on.  I never have been very good at interpreting these things.  Philistine that I am.  However, Daisy, Huxley and their pals Nova and Reuben were absolutely mesmerised by the whole performance.  Daisy giggled all the way through it.  It’s quite something to be able to enchant four children aged three and under.

Today we trekked back to Glasgow for an eye test for Daisy.  The good news is that we only need to put her eye patch on for one hour a day.  She’ll be chuffed to bits with that as she is always really quiet and subdued when she has it on.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t make her eyesight deteriorate as she’ll be mightily peeved if we have to increase the patching again at a later date.

Time has been called on Huxley’s crawling.  We go on holiday in a couple  of weeks and I have decided that crawling before then will make for a far less relaxing holiday.  So I’ve just told him that he’s had his chance and is to wait until we get back.  I’ve also told the Tidy Tyrant that he can have the pleasure of having Huxley on his knee on the flight over there.  He doesn’t sit still.  Not for one minute.  He is constantly trying to move, crawl and climb.  In fact I have a new name for him.  The Tiny Tyrant.

Watch this space for more turbulent tales of The (exceedingly lovable) Tiny Tyrant…


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