Family Fun Fiesta near Faro

Well hello there people.  It’s been a while.  Get yourselves a wee cup of tea, or maybe you could have a G&T on my behalf, I have been making a list of things to write about and it’s getting rather lengthy.  I never used to need lists but these days my memory is like a sieve.  I do hope it’s just baby brain.

In my last post we were excitedly awaiting the return of The Tidy Tyrant.  It was super awesome to see him.  Daisy was smiling from ear to ear and Huxley was extremely perplexed by the strange man in the house.  It was a good thing that Daisy had nursery the next morning and I was working as it gave Huxley time to bond with his Daddy again.  I tasked The Tidy Tyrant with teaching Huxley to pick up his cup and drink by himself.  I had been failing at this for ages.  Apparently children with Down’s Syndrome have shorter fingers and can find fine motor skills a challenge.  This has definitely been true of Huxley.  We have been surprised that despite his love of all things food, he has not managed to pick it up for himself.  I’d have loved to have done baby led weaning but it wasn’t to be.  Within two days The Tidy Tyrant had Huxley drinking from his cup by himself.  Then he had the audacity to ask me what on earth I had been doing for three months.  He’s lucky to be alive.

Daisy was keen to get her tuppence worth in as well.  There’s me telling him she hasn’t been very keen to do much standing or walking with me and the little minx practically skips through the house for him.  I look after their every need for three whole months and Daddy walks in the door and it’s like I don’t even exist.  The cheek.

I think The Tidy Tyrant managed approximately 12 hours before he found some things to go on a wee tirade about.  I hid when he started his usual line, ‘I’m not nagging but…’    On the plus side he did tidy out the coat cupboard and in doing so found the keys that I had been looking for for weeks.

The Tidy Tyrant has been loving their little twin trike as much as me and had them out for walks in it everyday before we went on holiday.  Huxley has a tendency to fall asleep on it though, and it’s not the most comfortable.  His little noddy dog head was bumping on the handlebars so The Tidy Tyrant picked him up and put him on his shoulders.  This was so lovely to see.  He’s been trying to put Daisy on his shoulders for about a year and a half and she point blank refuses to let him.  When he lifts her up she crosses her legs so he can’t get her over his head.  It’s hilarious.  Huxley, on the other hand, absolutely loved it.  Absolutely no fear and no sense of danger that boy.  Clearly inherited that from his Daddy.

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We had an awesome holiday in Portugal.  It was a family affair to celebrate Patient Pop’s 70th birthday and my upcoming 40th.  The bambinos loved having so many people to spoil them and play with them all day.  They adapted very well to holiday life.  We took a little beach tent for them and lathered them in factor 50 and they would sleep for a few hours on the beach every afternoon and then managed to behave beautifully while we went out for meals in the evenings.  I’m very lucky and grateful to have children that are flexible with their routine.  It would be rubbish if we had to be out for dinner and back in early to put them to bed and then sit in the apartment all night.  I love a bit of people watching in the evenings.

I could lie on the beach for months at a time quite happily.  In fact friends from my repping days will testify to this.  Sadly the Tidy Tyrant does not share my love of lazing around in the sun.  He did very well and managed about three days before I had to agree to have a day wandering around the town with him.  I did get a lovely new ring out of it though.  Every cloud.  Although in reality there were no clouds and it was bloody hot wandering around the place.

I shouldn’t really complain as I did get to do a fair bit of lying in the sun doing bugger all.  Patient Pops was fabulous and played for hours with the bambinos in the shade on the beach.  Aunty Peaceful was super awesome too.  Despite spending waaaaaaaaaay more time in the sun than them, Daisy and Huxley have come back with browner legs than me.  They managed this while wearing factor 50 and being in the shade the whole holiday.  Seems they have both inherited their Daddy’s dark skin.

I had bought a twin float so that it would be easier to take them both into the water.  Sadly the water was absolutely bloomin freezing and they both hated being in it.  We tried both the pool and the sea but to no avail.  Sad times as they both normally love being in the water.  Definitely something to think about for the next holiday.  Maybe we need to be in the Mediterranean or somewhere with a heated pool.

This was our first holiday with Daisy on the blended diet and Huxley having been weaned.  Both presented their challenges.  Huxley has a dairy allergy.  Now this doesn’t cause me many issues at home but when you are out and about you’d be amazed at the amount of foods that have milk in them.  We found a great place for brekkie that made him scrambled eggs without any milk or butter and so he did enjoy a cooked breakfast every single day.  They even got it ordered when they saw us coming so that he didn’t have to wait long for it.  A relief as no one wants to witness Hangry Huxley.  The poor wee poppet did have to have more than his fair share of spag bol on holiday.  I hate that everywhere you go the kids menu is chicken nuggets, fish fingers, burger or spag bol.  Why can’t they promote decent food and just do small portions of the adult meals?  He did share my sirloin steak one evening and had cod loin with Glamorous Grammy another.

The blended diet was a royal pain in the arse on holiday I have to admit.  We are not a family who like to cook in the apartment.  We like to eat out.  So despite eating out for all our meals, I still had to cook food for Daisy.  It was stressful before we even left home.  We blend up her food with oat milk and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get it in Portugal.  Thus I had every member of the family put a litre of oat milk in their suitcase.  With someone like Daisy you don’t want to have to switch it out for something else as you never know what might set off her vomiting.

Then you have to take a blender.  Our main blender was too big and heavy to take so we took the Baby NutriBullet.  Thankfully Glamorous Grammy took hers as well so we had two.  They can only run for a minute before they get upset and overheat and conk out.  I would blend in one Nutribullet for about 50 seconds then swap to the other one for another 50 and keep doing this until they conked out.  I ended up making the blends runnier to be sure that they went down her tube without blocking it.  This is less than ideal as it reduces the calories in them.  Another stress.

I also didn’t want to take blended food out and about as it doesn’t stay cold enough and that’s when you get food hygiene problems.  I got around this by taking a million Ella’s pouches with me for during the day.  There are only really two types that are the right consistency to get down her tube and have high enough calories.  So poor Daisy had the same lunch everyday.  Not that it bothers her right enough but I like to aim for a balanced diet.   But in the end it was all worth it.  She was only sick three times in the ten days we were away and all three times were in the apartment so it didn’t cause any embarrassing social situations.  Well done Doodles.  But could you possibly think about starting to eat for Mummy?  Although she did enjoy some of her Daddy’s peppercorn sauce one evening!  Bizarre tastes.

The Tidy Tyrant was with us for a week and then off he went to a stag do in Marbella.  I must say he has very good friends.  He caught a bus to Seville and they hired a car and drove to pick him up from there.  This did allow me a lot more time on the beach without him moaning about being bored.  He’ll be back from that later tonight.  No doubt a shadow of his former self.  Then we get a few family days before he is off again.  Possibly for another couple of months.  Boo.

Not only has Huxley managed to pick up his cup and drink by himself but he is also getting better with finger foods.  In fact tonight he ate all of his dinner by himself with his hands.  I am so super chuffed with this.  Another milestone hit.  I totally appreciate this having happened before Baby Val arrives.  That little bit of independence will make all the difference to my life.  What a little legend he is.

They are both getting stronger by the day.  Daisy is doing brilliantly on her Scooot.  She is moving from room to room now and can go forwards as well as backwards.  Huxley is still commando crawling and is also starting to climb up things.  He is also using me as a climbing frame so I can’t really have him on my knee for long at the moment or poor Baby Val gets trampled on.  Thankfully the Tidy Tyrant managed to get the stair gates up before our holiday so that’s one less thing to worry about.  I’m now going round the house removing things from Huxley’s reach.  It all went quiet yesterday and I went through and he’d reached the tissues down from the table and was sitting there all innocent looking happily munching on them.  Quite the novelty for me having bambinos that can move.  I think I need to get one of those baby jails.





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