No Sizzling Summer in Scotland

I haven’t sat down to write anything for donkeys for the simple reason that I have been knackered by the time the bambinos have gone to bed.  I am now into that third trimester of pregnancy where the simplest of tasks are exhausting.  By the time I am up and have got us all dressed to go out in the morning I am ready to go for a nap!  But, this too will pass.  I have under 12 weeks to go.  Well actually it is under 11 as I have to have a c-section at about 39 weeks.  That’s one week closer to a bottle (or two!) of prosecco!  I had a growth scan last week and all looks fine.  Apparently I have to have growth scans because Daisy and Huxley were small.  Or so they say.  I’m quite happy with my 6lb and 7lb babies.  I’m no giant and neither is The Tidy Tyrant.

We managed to fit in a family date to Pizza Express before the Tidy Tyrant had to disappear off to work again.  They have just introduced vegan mozzarella.  My little Huxley Bear got his first pizza.  Fair to say he loved it.  AND Daisy tried a bit of pizza!  Well, she licked the pizza sauce off a bit of pizza but thats good enough for me.  Proof, if we needed it, that Pizza Express is indeed her favourite restaurant.


What was a bit gutting was that Daisy lost weight on holiday.  I knew that she would have  lost some as we fed her a little less often so there was less chance of her being sick and the blends ended up being thinner which always means less calories.  They measured her on the baby scales and showed her at 9.4kgs.  I was gutted.  That was the weight she was back in January when we started the blended diet.  She had been 10kgs 5 weeks previously.  I then asked if they could measure her on the scales that you sit down on as these were the ones she was measured on before, and I always think they are more accurate.  Thankfully they showed her weighing at 9.65kgs.  I was much happier with that.  I met with the dietician and discussed ways of increasing her calories.  We have now simplified her breakfast blend so it has less calories from fats as these are slow to digest.  We have added in ready break which has lots of calories from carbohydrates rather than fats. I’m also adding this into her afternoon snack blend as well.  Fingers crossed she puts the weight back on nice and quickly.

This weekend we had an overnight stay down in the Borders.  My friend Exuberant Emma was working at the Kelso Show and we had arranged to meet up.  I haven’t seen her since my wedding two years ago as she lives down south.  It was great to catch up.  We’ll need to do it again soon with her brood there as well.  We also managed to see lots of family as Glamorous Grammy hails from there.  We stayed in my Uncle’s B&B.  It was lovely.  He’s made a fab job of it and Huxley thought the brekkie was top notch.  It’s in a tiny little place called Norham.  I spent many a childhood holiday there staying with my Gran.  It was awesome.  She gave us kit-kats for breakfast and let us roam wild.  Which actually looking back was rather foolish as I’m sure she let us play down by the river and I don’t think I could swim at that time!

Daisy and Huxley have both managed to wreck her glasses.  Again.  We only had new lenses put in them a couple of months ago.  Huxley keeps taking them off her face and throwing them around.  I have tried my sternest teacher voice and my best disappointed/angry face and he just doesn’t pay any attention.  It’s infuriating.  Daisy is normally really good with her glasses and will even push them back up her nose when they fall down.  However, when she is tired, she has taken to pulling them off and biting them.  So we’re going back to the optician this week to see about a different style.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas to stop Huxley stealing them from her then I’d love to hear them.

Huxley had his first settling in hour at nursery today.  I think he’s going to love it.  Once he gets used to the fact that other children run around and take things he is playing with.  He’s used to Daisy just sitting watching him and allowing him to steal the toys she is playing with.  He’s also particularly sensitive and gets upset when other children cry so it’ll be interesting to see how he copes with that.  Today I stayed with him but tomorrow he is going on his own.  Daisy never batted an eyelid when I left her at nursery and still hardly pays any attention when I leave or when I arrive to pick her up.  I think it’ll be a different story with my wee man.  He’s a bit of a mummy’s boy (which I love what with Doodles being a total Daddy’s girl) and he is a lot more aware of what is going on around him than Daisy.  I hope he doesn’t get upset when I leave.  I have no experience in dealing with such a situation.

Both Daisy and Huxley have nearly always been good sleepers.  Quite how we lucked out on that one I don’t know.  I think it’s The Tidy Tyrant’s genes.  Boy does that man like a good sleep.  They have both been quite easy to put to bed at night.  I just say night night, plop them in their cot, leave them and after a wee play and watch of their mobiles they go to sleep.  So imagine my horror when Huxley started being difficult to put down to bed at night.  He started crying every time I left the room.  Seems he wants to be cuddled to sleep these days.  It took me an hour to settle him one night last week.  It’s made worse because I’m finding it harder to hold him for any length of time.  Not only because he is a little chunk, but also because I too am a bit of a chunk.  I have had to adapt the routine.  For the past few nights I have given him his bottle in his room while he is being rocked on my lap and that seems to have done the trick.  He has fallen asleep on his bottle and then I have managed to transfer him to his cot.  I hope that continues to work as I am don’t have the energy for these ridiculous settles.  I bet Baby Val bucks the trend and is a bloomin nightmare when it comes to sleeping.

In other news it is only 5 more months until I can have a McDonalds.  Not that I am counting you understand.


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