Family Cycling

Chromawesome kids cruising on a cargo cycle

What a busy week it’s been in the Stov household.  Lots to report this week.  Although I am going to try and condense it as the Naked Attraction program starts in an hour and I find it highly entertaining.

Huxley has started nursery.  The first couple of times were ok in that I escaped before he realised I was going to leave him and so missed the tears.  Since he started he’s been even more of a mummy’s boy and clings to me.  In fact he even cried when I left him with Glamorous Grammy yesterday.  She was gutted.  I have to say I always thought people were being a bit pathetic when they said how hard they found it to leave their upset babies at nursery.  OMG!  It’s horrendous.  I feel so bad.  I really hope he gets used to it soon because my wee heart breaks watching him.

I’m surprised Huxley is still a mummy’s boy after I nearly blew his little head off with some fajitas last week.  I totally didn’t think they were that spicy.  His face told another story.  It didn’t stop him shovelling them into his mouth right enough.  He just went pinker and pinker until he was actually crying in pain.  I had to go and get an ice lolly out of the freezer for him to cool him down.  Oops.

Daisy has been doing lots of awesome things this week.  She started out by trying to copy the makaton sign for bird.  I was well chuffed.  I’m really hoping that we’re going to be able to communicate with her using makaton.  Then she took some steps on her walking frame.  Admittedly I had to give it a little pull to encourage her to move, and she is still leaning on it with her bottom, but it’s progress from just using it to stand.  As if that wasn’t enough, she then finished all her lunch at nursery yesterday.  Usually she hardly even tastes it.  She has very peculiar tastes my Daisy Doodles as it was a blend of fish, sweet potato, beetroot, tomatoes and milk!

I can also see Daisy getting stronger and stronger at her rebound sessions.  We might even get a smile one of these times.  She is definitely standing for longer on the trampoline but is still more reluctant to sit.  I had Huxley with me this week and he managed to get himself onto the trampoline to have a go as well.  My bump prevented me from catching him early enough to keep him off.  He absolutely loved it.

Huxley is making good progress as well.  When I pick him up for a cuddle it’s like a wrestling match.  He doesn’t stop moving.  Hyper Huxley.  And with my ever increasing bump there is less space on my knee for him.  He’s been trying to pull himself up for weeks and has been successful in getting onto his knees.  Yesterday, I was chatting away to The Tidy Tyrant on the phone when this little face popped up.  He’d managed to pull himself up to standing on the sofa.  Bloody brilliant.  Well done Huxley!


I had a lovely afternoon with my wee Daisy while Huxley was at nursery this week.  It is so rare for me to have time with just her.  I decided I would take her swimming.  We haven’t been for weeks because I can’t take both of them in together.  You should have seen the smile on her face when she got into the water.  She thinks she can swim as she keeps trying to push me away.

You’ve probably seen all the video clips of us on the cargo bike at the Stirling Festival of Cycling.  I wasn’t going to go along as being pregnant and cycling don’t really go together.  My friend Luscious Lorna was going along and I asked her to let me know if they happened to have cargo bikes as we have been thinking about getting one.  She text to say they had one and I could even try it out.  Well that was me.  Up there like a shot.  It was bloody awesome.  I was hugely overexcited by it.  In fact I have thought of little else since being on it.  Anyway long story short, we have ordered one!  The awesome people at The Electric Cycle Company in Edinburgh have been super and given us a discount as we featured in their promo video, and Patient Pops has very kindly helped towards the cost.  It takes four weeks to arrive.  It bloody awesome.  Oh I’ve already said that.  But it really is.  We can get Daisy and Huxley on it and have a baby seat in it too!  And there was me wondering how I was going to get about with three non walking bambinos.  I have plans to get the cargo box customised.  I’m not really into black.  I’m thinking awesome neon patterns.


In other exciting news The Tidy Tyrant called tonight to say he is flying home tomorrow for a few days.  Such a lovely surprise as we weren’t expecting him home until the end of September.  And there isn’t too much tidying to be done.  Must remember to wipe down the kitchen cupboards.  That was his bugbear last time he was home.

My little Daisy Doodles was sick after her lunchtime blend at nursery yesterday.  I had thought it was just a Daisyism but today she had what remained of the soup in her lunch blend.  About an hour after she finished it, she woke up screaming in pain and pulling her little legs up.  Then she brought it all up.  Usually once she has been sick she is fine and is all smiles (and in fact she never usually cries when she is being sick) but she kept crying and then stretching out her body like she was in pain.  It was horrible.  I’ve never seen her like it.  I can only think it must have been the soup.  I’m not sure quite what was wrong with it though as it was in date and I’d followed the guidelines.  I felt even more guilty about it as I was on a food hygiene course last week.  But then I remembered we were told last week that if you get food poisoning and you haven’t been sick or had the runs, but have bad cramps you should drink lemon or lime juice.  Ok she had been sick but I thought it was worth a try.  So I popped out and bought some limes.  I put the juice of a couple of limes down her tube.  Most of it came back up but I am convinced it did the trick because within 20 minutes she was totally calm again and back to her normal smiley self.  She’s be fine for the rest of the day as well.  Amazing.  Needless to say I’m not buying that soup again.  I know, I know, I should make homemade soup but I just don’t have the time.  We are lucky enough to get batches of homemade soup from Alluring Alison every now and again.  Very delicious it is too.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant.  I can’t believe there are only ten weeks to go.  In fact less as I have to have a c-section this time and they’ll take me in before my due date.  Let’s hope this bike doesn’t take long to come as I want to get a few weeks worth of cycling in before the c-section puts me out of the game for 6 weeks or so.  I’ll need to start getting ready for Baby Val’s appearance.  So far I have done nothing.  I figure I must have everything I need as I already have two babies.  I will need another cot right enough.  The great boy/girl debate is on.  Most people are thinking its going to be a girl.  Glamorous Grammy is hoping it’s going to be a girl as she is not a fan of the boy’s name we like!

I think I’ve managed it.  That’s all the gossip.  And I’m in time to watch the naked program.  Well done me.  That’s got to be a record. Let me know if I have made any spelling mistakes or typos!

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh I have just discovered it was the final Naked Attraction last week.  Gutted!


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