Family of five finding our feet

As you’d probably expect life as got a whole lot busier over the past few weeks.  Poppy will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and we are starting to get into some semblance of a routine.  In my last blog I was battling with breastfeeding.  I gave up.  It was making me absolutely miserable.  I actually can’t get over how hard it is and yet still so many of my friends have managed it.  It highlighted to me how so many people just grin and bear it and don’t actually talk about what they are going through.  I am an over sharer.  The Tidy Tyrant says my OpSec (operational security) is very poor.  But it’s how I am made.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am a big believer that a problem shared is a problem halved.  Whoever I spoke to about breastfeeding, and there were a lot of people, they would agree that it was so difficult and time consuming and they had really struggled with it.  I had been blissfully unaware of the torture my friends had gone through to breastfeed.  They had never said.  EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS AN ABSOLUTE SUPERHERO!!!!!!!

I tortured myself with the decision to abandon breastfeeding but of course then had to continue to express to slow down my supply.  At the same time I got mastitis and ended up on antibiotics.  There is absolutely nothing glamorous about having a baby.  It’s no wonder they are so damn cute otherwise they would be abandoned!  I think the whole thing could be improved if men could also breastfeed or even better if only men could breastfeed.

Poppy is bloomin lovely though.  She is a pretty content baby so far.  Only screaming for food or when she has wind.  I’d rather like her to go four hours between feeds during the night rather than three but I guess I can’t really complain given she is still so tiny.

Huxley has been a little legend.  We have managed to teach him to be gentle with Poppy.  He strokes her ever so softly.  It’s lovely.  Daisy is starting to show a little more interest and likes to watch her.  She was much the same with Huxley at the beginning and now she follows him everywhere.

Daddy Boot Camp is going great guns.  Huxley can now climb up the stairs (supervised of course) and Daisy is giving it a go as well.  And both of them can come down the stairs on their bums.  Daisy is being made to walk at every opportunity the Tidy Tyrant can find.  I have to give him credit where credit is due.  He is fabulous at pushing Daisy in such a patient way.  She responds so well to her Daddy (she won’t come down the stairs on her bum for me!).

We all went to the Firework display the other night.  I was concerned that Huxley wouldn’t really like the loud banging after he seemed terrified at the Sprog Rock kids concert we took him to.  But he was awesome.  He totally loved the fireworks; he was clapping and smiling and kept shouting at them.  We bought him a light up wand.  The boy loves anything stick like.  He was in his element.  There were a fair few smiles from Daisy too, but she’s not as vocal as Huxley when she’s excited.  Poppy was very well behaved during the firework display but then decided to scream all the way home.  Quite what was bothering her I don’t know.  She stopped as soon as we got back into our street.   As such she is no longer being taken to the Woodland Light Experience this week.  Glamorous Grammy is going to look after her so we can fully enjoy it with Daisy and Huxley.


We ventured through to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow on Saturday.  It’s Scotland’s transport museum.  And its freeeeeeeeee!  The Tidy Tyrant and I really enjoyed it.  I think is could be a little more interactive for the little ones.  You can’t really get onto any of the vehicles.  I’ve been to the transport museum in London and you can get onto all the buses and trams there.  Granted it costs about twenty quid to get in.  It was a good day out though, just not as good as the science museum.  Any recommendations for family days out are most welcome.

Today I managed to get my normal jeans on.  Not my skinny jeans, but they aren’t maternity ones and that’s what counts.  There is still a fair but of work to be done on my tummy but that would require me to stop eating chocolate and cake and I’m not quite ready for that.  I can’t exercise yet anyway so what would be the point of being good with food if I can’t go the whole hog and get super fit?

Just a short and sweet blog this evening.  The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds is on tonight.  The is a little girl, Ada, who has Down’s Syndrome on it and I am looking forward to watching her.  It’s great to see how brilliantly other children with Down’s Syndrome are doing.  It helps me see what the future will be like for Huxley.  Not that I’m worried about him.  He’s such a sociable, confident little firecracker who brightens up everyone’s day.


4 thoughts on “Family of five finding our feet

  1. Brilliant blog as always Sally-really enjoy reading them-you are Super Woman! Many many congratulations on the arrival of Poppy-she looks adorable. Cannot wait to see an update with you out with all three bairns on your SuperMum bike! 😍 Pam xx

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  2. I gave up on breast feeding after 4 days. My daughter (Daisy) is a week younger than Poppy. Funnily enough, we had narrowed our name choices to Daisy and Poppy. Keep up the good work with the blog. I have been following it for a while x

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  3. You are a true superhero Sally. Breastfeeding was a nightmare for me too. 7 weeks expressing with first, 1 week feeding with second and couldn’t face expressing after that. Agony of which I have never known the like.
    Happy Christmas you family of five. X

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