Reflux, Road-tripping and really rather tired.

Hello readers.  Long time no speak.  Life is rather busy these days.  It is a constant round of feeding and washing.  People always say that having a baby is a huge shock to the system but I hadn’t really felt it before, despite Daisy’s complex needs.  But wowser.  Three children.  That knocks you for six.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.  There is ALWAYS someone needing something.  It is a two man job.  Thank goodness The Tidy Tyrant is home for the foreseeable future because the thought of looking after the three of them on my own is really rather terrifying.

I was totally spoiled with Daisy and Huxley.  They were exceptionally good babies.  Particularly Huxley.  He slept, ate, smiled and very rarely cried.  Poppy deceived us at first.  She was very content, only kicking off if she had neglected to consume enough milk.  Now though, she has taken to screaming.  Not having had one of these typical babies before I find it hard to believe there is nothing wrong with her.  I fear she has reflux.  She is making gulping noises,  coughing and squirming after her bottle and not settling as easily as she did.  And now I am worried it is a milk intolerance like her big brother Huxley.  And then the next minute she seems fine and I wonder if I am being paranoid.  But I’d rather find out for sure.  So we have some different milk to try.  Only she doesn’t seem to like this milk and so far (well ok it’s only been today!) and is taking very little of it.  We didn’t have this problem with Huxley. We switched his milk and he didn’t bat an eyelid.  Seems Poppy has a more discerning palate.  I guess time will tell whether she has a milk allergy or is just a bit of a screamer.

We had a hip scan for Poppy the week before last.  It was a routine scan because Daisy had hip dysplasia, but you can’t help but worry a little.  Thankfully Poppy’s hips are just grand.  Phew.

I managed to capture a really good smile from Poppy last night.  The one in the picture with the blog headline.  I have been trying to capture a smile for about a week now.  Smiles have been few and far between.  She is quite the frowner.  We’ll have to knock that out of her or she’s not going to fit in with The Stovs.  It seems we have another Daddy’s girl.  The Tidy Tyrant had been away at a friend’s 40th this weekend and he got back last night and the cheeky little monkey gave him this winning smile.  How rude.

Last week we took a road trip to Birmingham to visit some of The Tidy Tyrant’s family.  We have a 7 seater car.  We couldn’t fit everything in!  It is ridiculous the amount of kit you have to carry for three bambinos.  Especially three bambinos that are all in nappies and none of whom walk.  I found it really rather stressful making sure we had everything we needed.  Particularly for Daisy.  You can’t just pick up any tube feeding equipment if you forget it.  But it was a success.  So much so that we are planning another road trip soon.

If you have never stopped at Tebay services on the M6 then it’s a must.  Well only if you really must be on the M6 travelling somewhere.  Perhaps I should rephrase that.  If you have to do a road trip, and you are going to have to stop, then you should try and make it those services and not any other.  They are the UK’s only family run service station.  It has a farm shop and lovely fresh cooked, locally sourced food.  We got a roast lamb dinner for Huxley for only £1 with an adult meal.  They have a great little soft play area and Huxley loved having a crawl and climb.  Then they had these cool little seats on the wall in the changing room so when we were doing the mass nappy change, no-one had to sit on the floor.  Fabulous place.  I thoroughly recommend it.


The Tidy Tyrant had a course to do in Hull so we tagged it on to the end of our time in Brum.  We arrived in Hull on the Wednesday evening only to discover the hotel we had booked didn’t have disabled access.  This wasn’t going to be any use as I was going to have to get myself out with the three babies the next morning when he had gone to his course.  I explained this to the receptionist at the hotel and he was lovely and gave us our money back.  He even pointed us in the direction of the Ibis Hotel who were showing one double room free.  There were no guarantees that they’d let a family of five into a double room but off we went to find out.

I went into reception and spoke with Colette and explained the situation.  She said she would show me the room and if I was happy that we could all fit in then she was happy to give us it.  Amazing.  So many hotels would just refuse us straight away.  The room was grand and so we checked in and got everything in from the car.  We went through to the bar area and had dinner.  We took Daisy’s Scooot so she could whizz around the floor and stretch her legs after a day in the car.  The staff were amazing.  Particularly Colette.  Turns out she used to be a makaton interpreter.  AWESOME.  She was chatting away to Daisy and Huxley using makaton.  Never have we felt so welcome in a hotel.

It all went a bit awry after that.  The Tidy Tyrant realised that he didn’t have the ID he needed for the course the next day.  And he needed to have this course to be certified for his job.  So at 9pm at night, we all bundled back into the car and drove all the way back to Scotland.  We arrived home at 01:45am.  The Tidy Tyrant emptied the car, dropped us off, picked up his ID and drove all the way back to Hull to do his course.  Thankfully he made it on time and passed the course.  Afterwards he drove all the way back.  An epic journey.  Never to be repeated.

In very exciting news, I am recovered from my c-section and have been out on the cargo bike.  It is just as super awesome as I remembered.  I LOVE it.  In a few months Poppy will be able to go in it too and I’ll hardly need to use the car.


Huxley’s understanding is really coming on and so we are making a concerted effort to try and use makaton a lot more.  The other night we were talking about Poppy and making the sign for baby.  He copied it!!!!  His first definite sign.  Baby.  I am chuffed to bits.  Go Huxley!

Things have been going well with Daisy Doodles too.  We managed 13 whole days without a vomit the other week.  This last week hasn’t been so great but here’s hoping it’s a blip and were not going backwards.

I think it is worth a mention that I have made it to December without a Mcdonalds.  Well done me.  In just 28 days I will be stuffing my face with McDonalds.  It had better be open on New Year’s Day.



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