Weight Gain

Lovely little lemon pot with lots of lovely calories

DAISY HAS PUT ON WEIGHT!!! Yes people, despite having two pukey weeks over Christmas and another pukey week at Center Parcs, she has managed to go from 9.55kgs in mid December to 10.35kgs.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about this.  And it is mostly down to the addition of a little lemon coconut yoghurt to her daily menu.  That wonderful little pot is just 40mls and 130 calories.  Blooming marvellous.  It may also have been down to The Tidy Tyrant blending a Haggis Supper from the chippy.  Not in the least bit healthy I grant you but works wonders if you are looking to put on weight.     I often wonder if there is a scientist somewhere studying why children like Daisy fail to gain much weight despite being stuffed with heaps of calories.  They’d make a fortune if they could bottle it.

You probably saw the videos of Huxley sledging last weekend.  He had a super awesome time up at the golf course with The Tidy Tyrant.  I must say I probably wouldn’t have been as brave as to send him down the hill on his own but you know what Dads are like! Or maybe it’s just this Dad.  He managed to keep his balance really well on the sledge and even when he fell off he just laughed and got back on.  He really is a little legend.  If you’d have told me how awesome he was going to be the day we got his Downs Syndrome diagnosis, I’d never have believed it.  There is certainly nothing down about this little champ.  He is one HUGE personality.

Unfortunately, he seems unable to understand the word no.  He keeps pulling out Daisy’s hearing aids and no amount of telling him, showing him a sad face and an angry face, seems to work.  We have taken to putting him in the naughty chair, a highchair moved into the corner of the kitchen.  We figured a high chair was a good bet as there is no way this little man will get negative connotations towards a highchair.  He loves his food too much.  It doesn’t seem to phase him though.  He just sits there and chats away to himself until we go back to him.  We have been telling him he has to say sorry to Daisy and showing him the makaton sign for sorry.  He seems to have picked this up and will make the sign before he is taken out of the highchair.  Sadly he goes straight back to Daisy and does it again!

I’m chuffed to bits that he is starting to sign though.  It shows me he is understanding what we are saying to him.  I’m never sure quite how much Daisy understands of what is going on around her.  As such I think it makes it even more special that Huxley does.  He’s really watching what we are doing with our hands and will try and copy some of the signs.  I know his speech will be delayed so it’s great that we’ll be able to communicate with him.  It’s motivating me to use makaton more and more.

Huxley’s also getting closer to walking.  He’s now standing unaided for longer and longer and on a few occasions he’s managed to get himself to the standing position without using the furniture for help.  One of these days he’ll try taking a step forward.  I just can’t imagine what it’ll be like to have a wee person toddling around the house.  In no time I’m sure I’ll have two of them toddling about the house.  Poppy is pretty strong and is determined to get moving.

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a turning point with Poppy.  It’s as if she’s finally woken up.  They do say the first three months are like the fourth trimester and they’re not wrong.  She’s starting to be awake a lot more, is really alert and is watching what is going on.  She is particularly entertained by Huxley.  Well, who isn’t?  You could watch him for hours.  He never stops.  And he loves her to bits.  She gets a lot of attention from him.  Thankfully he is mostly very gentle with her.

Last week I got over a big hurdle.  The Tidy Tyrant was away and so is Glamorous Grammy.  Having to get them all up, breakfasted and dressed by 9 in the morning was a pretty daunting thought.  I guess when most people have three children the older two are a little more independent than mine.  I am so grateful that Huxley can feed himself.  It’s one less thing I have to do in the morning.  It’s not just the feeding and dressing.  Before I can leave the house, I need to make sure I have blended all Daisy’s food for the day.  It’s not like you can just pick something up when you are out.  Then there is all the paraphernalia for feeding Poppy; sterilised bottles and caps, cooled boiled water, formula and a thermos flask of boiling water.  I like to mimic the tommee tippee machine when I make up a bottle.  To be ready to leave the house at 9am I have to be up at 6am.  I had in my head that I’d go back to work in August but I’m really not sure how I’d manage it.  I’d need them ready to leave by 8am, so I’d be up in the middle of the night (anything before 6am is the middle of the night in my book!).

I decided last week it was time to get Poppy into some sort of routine.  I don’t actually remember consciously thinking about a routine for Huxley.  I think he did it himself.  He was going through the night from about 8 weeks old which was awesome.  It was pickling my head trying to work out how to get her to feed at the times I wanted her to feed.  So I started with getting bedtime nailed.  She now gets a bath, a bottle and put to bed at 7pm.  At the beginning of the week this was a bit of a challenge as she wasn’t necessarily ready to to feed at 7pm or go to sleep.  I spend the first few nights going up and down the stairs a fair few times to settle her.  But, it seems to be working.  As the week has gone on it has taken less and less time to settle her.  I have worked out that I need to make sure she doesn’t sleep after 5pm and then she’ll be ready for a sleep again at 7pm.  The feeding part is still a bit of an issue but at least she will take some bottle at 7 o’clock even if she has had a feed earlier in the evening.  Last night I even managed to catch her at her at 11pm and 4am before she woke properly and gave her a bottle.  And she took more than she usually does when she’s awake.  I wonder if I’ll manage that again tonight?

The next challenge will be getting her to go through the night.  The wee monkey just doesn’t take enough milk for that.  She rarely takes more than about 4/5oz, and often takes only 2/3oz.  According to the can, she should be taking 6/7oz by now.  Glamorous Grammy said I was the same as a baby and never took more than 6oz.  I fear I could be up in the night for quite a while longer.  I can’t really complain though as she generally gets up, has a bottle and goes back down again in about 20 minutes.  Although I hear babies have a 4 month sleep regression.  I do hope The Tidy Tyrant’s strong sleepy gene is powerful enough to laugh in the face of the four month sleep regression.

We have had the three of them out in the cargo bike this weekend.  I was nervous that Poppy (Screamy McScreamster) would decide that she hated it and shout very loudly about it.  Thankfully she wasn’t too bad, only getting really angry about the cobbles over The Auld Brig.  I am hoping that I’ll be able to leave the car in the driveway and cycle everywhere thus also aiding the fitness regime.  The only fly in the ointment is that once I get somewhere I am a bit stuck as none of them walk.  I’m ok if I only have two of them as Poppy can go in the Baby Bjorn and Daisy or Huxley can go in the tiny GB Pockit buggy that folds down to nothing and fits in the bike.  Another reason why I need my little man to walk soon.  Come on Huxley Bear.  You can do it!




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