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Four, Flurries, Feeding and Family

We have ourselves a four year old.  A very teeny tiny four year old who still wears 18-24 month clothes.  Thank goodness she wasn’t born three days earlier or she’d be going to school this August and I’m not sure we’d have found her a uniform to fit!  We were snowed in on her actual birthday but thankfully Glamorous Grammy, Uncle Peaceful and Auntie Quiet trudged through the snow to see her.  We made it up the hill to pick up Patient Pops in the 4×4.  So technically we weren’t really snowed in but as everywhere was closed there was nowhere to go to.  Even McDonalds was closed.  Devastation.

We managed to get to her favourite restaurant, Pizza Express, a couple of days after her birthday.  She will sometimes allow a taste of pizza sauce to pass her lips thus it being her favourite restaurant.  Nothing at all to do with the fact that I love Pizza Express.  We are to be found there fairly regularly.  In fact it has become a bit of a standing joke amongst our friends to tag us on Facebook whenever they go there too.  Anyway I digress. Daisy was chuffed to bits when she spotted Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful at the door of the restaurant coming to meet us.  We sometimes wonder how good her sight is, so when she recognises people at a distance and follows them in with a huge smile it’s a special moment.


During the snowiest of the snow days, The Tidy Tyrant insisted on going up the steep hill in the car to take Huxley sledging.  I’m not going to lie;  I was terrified we’d crash.  But give him his due, he was right and the car got up there no bother at all.  We got to the golf club and the place was deserted.  We were tremendously proud of ourselves for making it up there to get the whole course to ourselves for sledging.  When we hit the slope with our sledge we realised quite why we had the place to ourselves.  The sledge sank in the snow.  Far too much powdery snow for any decent sledging.  Huxley wasn’t impressed.  Although I think that was more due to the fact we had woken him up from his cosy nap in the car and thrown him into the freezing cold, foot high snow.  No doubt he was wondering what he did to deserve that when his sisters got to stay in the warmth of Glamorous Grammy’s house.


Alas the snow days meant that my fitness drive was well and truly grounded.  Instead, I chose to eat shed loads of bad food and drink lots of prosecco, red wine and G&T.  I then made the mistake of stepping on the scales.  I don’t know why I felt the need to do that.  But it confirmed to me that I have possibly reversed all of my hard work of the past 6 weeks.  Eejit.  I’m back on it again this week.  Can’t wait for all the snow/ice to melt so I can get the cargo bike out again.  I have visions of myself in the summer cycling around in my shorts looking fit, healthy and tanned to boot.  It’s good to have dreams.  Right?

Huxley has managed 6 steps by himself.  He keeps teasing me by trying to walk and then giving up again for a few days.  He is enjoying trying to get himself to a standing position from the floor.  The hypermobility in his hips means he keeps his feet a bit too wide and this is preventing him from staying upright.  He’s proud as punch though and enjoys us giving him lots of praise for his efforts.

He’s starting to make signs that we aren’t quite sure what they are meant to be.  There’s been lots of pointing to his head.  I was chatting to one of the nursery staff today and she has learnt twinkle twinkle in makaton and been singing/signing it (love that she has gone away and learnt this in her own time).  We think he could be making the sign for ‘I wonder’.  Mr Tumble uses it a lot too so its a definite possibility.  Love. love, love that he is starting to use makaton to communicate.

In extremely exciting news, Poppy has managed to make it from 11pm at night right through until 6/7am in the morning.  She’s done this all but one night in the past week.  I think it’s down to her starting to take bigger bottles.  Please, please, please let this continue.  Maybe the black circles under my eyes will start to go away.  Or are they now a permanent feature?

Poppy is a nosey little parker and likes to be sitting up watching what is going on at all times.  Glamorous Grammy popped her in a high chair at her house last week with a cushion behind her, and she sat there playing away cheerfully with her toys for about an hour.  We then tried her in Daisy’s high chair at home and she was happy as larry in there too.  So we’ve bought her her own high chair.  We put her up at the table in between her big sis and bro and she’s absolutely loving it.  I’ll have to rethink the seating plan when she actually starts eating because Huxley will undoubtedly steal her food.  Daisy and Huxley were a bit confused by their baby sister joining them at the table!


Out of interest, rather than any desire to start weaning early, I gave Poppy one of Huxley’s carrot stick crisps to hold.  She put it straight to her mouth to start tasting it.  I was blown away.  These chromosomally intact babies don’t half whizz through developmental stages.  Blink and you miss it.  With Daisy and Huxley we have had these stages broken down into tiny little parts.  Tiny little parts which have been humungous celebrations though!  Huxley reached developmental milestones much quicker than Daisy did, but even then he was well over one before he could pick up food and feed himself.  When Daisy was tiny I bought a book on Baby Led Weaning.  What on earth was I thinking?  I was so far off the mark it is laughable.  Because Huxley’s fine motor skills were slower to develop, I couldn’t try baby led weaning with him either.  I’m so freaking excited that it looks like I’ll be able to give it a go with Poppy.  Must get that book out and dust it down.


The Tidy Tyrant has gone back to work.  That’ll be him back and forth to wherever he’s needed all season now.  We’re lucky to have had him at home from October until now.  It has been precious family time.  And the house is very well organised and uncluttered. Well, as uncluttered as it can be when you have three tiny people living there.  But now, what with nursery and swimming classes, I have to get all three of them out of the house by 9am every weekday on my own.  It’s a precision job.  I get everything that I possibly can ready the night before to leave time in the morning for feeding and dressing.  Poor little Huxley doesn’t ever get cereal.  As yet, he can’t use a spoon without a lot of support so its not an option in the morning.  I need him to feed himself to leave me time to feed Daisy and Poppy.  The current breakfast of champions for him is ‘eggy cup’  (apparently this was what Glamorous Grammy and Auntie Mummy made for us when we were little).  We may need to change the name as we don’t make it in an actual cup.  He’d just sweep that off the table and smash it.  Bread, boiled egg and spread all mixed up together in easy to pick up chunks.  Marvellous.  We’re all for promoting independence in this house.  No time for helicopter parenting here.

Thankfully Glamorous Grammy is about to help with bath and bedtime most evenings in exchange for a delicious meal.  And when she isn’t about, Patient Pops, Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful are good enough to give me some of their time to help out.  It also means I get time to go out running and get to circuit training.  My family is AWESOME.


3 thoughts on “Four, Flurries, Feeding and Family

  1. Sally…as always your stamina and day-to-day routines astound me. You should be able to eat Maccie Dees 3 times a day with a Sloppy Giuseppe side, and still be a size 0!
    Love reading your blogs and hearing how the kids are growing up….while it sounds a handful, you certainly have three really lovely, bonnie wee characters developing.
    I really must try to drop by your mum’s this year to meet them again. Cannot believe starting school is on the horizon for Daisy already …where did that time vanish too?! Good luck with your training, look forward to the updates. Pam xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello I was wondering if I could get in touch with you? I will leave my email if you would be kind enough to contact me.
      Many thanks

      Liked by 1 person

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