Goodness gracious me, how gorgeous is Gairloch?

I have been meaning to write a blog for weeks now but there has been very little time going spare.  The Tidy Tyrant was working abroad for about three weeks and Glamorous Grammy has been out of action.  She is finally getting to the bottom of her poorly wrists and hands.  They think it might be rheumatoid arthritis.  She’s been unable to do anything much for weeks.  I’m not sure whether it was being unable to pick up the babies for cuddles, or being unable to open a bottle of prosecco that was the worst thing about it all for her.  Thank goodness for Patient Pops, Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful.  I honestly don’t know how people manage without family close by.  They are a total lifesaver.

I have a big list of things to write about.  I’ve taken to writing things down as my memory is broken.  I seem to start about 50 things at once an finish none of them.  So in the interests of keeping this a reasonable length I think I’ll bullet point it all for you.  Not least because I need to get to bed because I am running the Stirling Half Marathon in the morning.  I’d love to tell you I am well prepared for it but alas I have struggled to get out running even once a week.  I may also have found myself out on an all day session yesterday.  It was Alluring Alison’s birthday and so Garrulous Gabi and I joined her for lunch and ‘a couple of drinks’.  I got home at about 20:30 last night after considerably more than a couple of drinks.  In fact we got through considerably more than a couple of bottles between us.  Oops.  It was muchos fun though.  Happy Birthday Alluring Alison.

  • Last month we went to the Big Ears, Little Ears event run by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  It was an informal event for toddlers with three members of the orchestra performing.  Here’s a pic of Huxley and his pal Darcy enjoying the flute.  Both Daisy and Huxley love music.  In fact I must look into music therapy for them.



  • Daisy’s feet have grown!  One of these days her feet might catch up with her age.  There can’t be many four year olds with size 3.5 feet.


  • Daisy and I had a special mummy and Daisy day out to see Justin’s Band (he of Mr Tumble fame) at the Edinburgh Playhouse.  Daisy was entranced by all the music and lights. I loved watching her wee happy face.


  • Huxley’s signing is coming on leaps and bounds.  I am totally loving it.  He tries to copy just about everything.  I was particularly impressed when he pointed at the penguin on Daisy’s slippers and signed bird.  He’s really starting to make connections and understand things.  When you get his bottle out at bedtime he signs bed and makes for the stairs.  The very best thing he has signed though is Mummy.  I’ll not hold it together when he manages to say it.


  • I heard a great phrase that really fits how Daisy’s Scooot has opened up the world for her.  Socially mobile.  Such a great way to describe it because it’s not just mobility the Scoot has given her.  She’s become so inquisitive and she really explores her world now.  She doesn’t just watch from the sidelines.  She joins in.


  • We have started weaning Poppy.  Poor little third child doesn’t get worked through the annabel karmel style of weaning, trying out each food separately.  She got thrown in at the deep end with blended tagliatelle bolognese, chicken curry and smoked sausage pasta.  Not all in one meal I might add.  I’m not that bad!  I’m pleased to report there weren’t any untoward consequences.  So far she seems happy to eat whatever I give her.  The sooner she works out how to feed herself the better.  I’m going back to work in August and I need her to be as independent as possible by then or I’ll never make it in time.


  •  It’s really very tricky to go anywhere on my own with three of them.  I was alone with them one Saturday and would have liked to go for a walk.  But I’d have to put two of them in the buggy and carry one and I can’t see myself going any great distance like that.  That’s when the cargo bike comes into its own.  I packed them all into the bike and off we went for a 7 mile cycle.  Huxley invariably falls asleep on the cargo bike and he’s like one of those little nodding dogs you get for the car.


  • We had three nights up in Gairloch during the holidays with Alluring Alison and her family.  It was brilliant.  What an absolutely stunning place.  The house we stayed in was open plan so Daisy had a ball roaming around on her Scooot and Huxley whizzed around on his scramblebug.  The sheep wandering around the garden was a little weird at first.  We took Huxley to the beach and he was really uncertain.  It was hilarious.  We put him down on the sand and he put his hands down to crawl and just stopped and stared at his hands in the sand for about a minute.  Then he picked his hands up and bum shuffled about.  Clearly wasn’t impressed by the soggy sand on his hands.


  • There hadn’t been very much progress with Huxley’s walking.  He was taking about 5/6 steps about 6 weeks ago and never really got any further with it.  He then stopped trying all together.  I like to think that it’s because he’s been concentrating on his makaton.  With the sun making a bit of an appearance last weekend, I decided it was time to get him out of trousers and into shorts.  I’m not sure if its a coincidence but since then he’s been trying really hard with his walking.    Maybe he’s getting sore knees crawling about!  So watch this space.  I am sooooooo crossing my fingers that I’ll be posting a wee video of him toddling about very soon.


So there you have it.  A brief update on life with the chromawesome kids.  I’ll try and not leave it so long next time.  I’m off to bed to try and get my body in some semblance of order to run tomorrow.  I know I’m not going to get a personal best; I just entered to get myself back into running after Poppy.  I’ll be going for a good time in the Great North Run in September.  It would be nice to get round the half tomorrow in less than 1 hour 55 though.  I got round the Birmingham Half Marathon in that just 4 months and 10 days after having Huxley.  I may have scuppered that with my excessive prosecco consumption yesterday though.  Oh well.  Life is for living!


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