Hilarity and not so hairy Huxley

Last week we were keeping up with the Jolly Jones’, who were up staying with us from London(ish) for a few days.  Poor Daddy Jones got more than he bargained for!  I had fed Daisy lunch and, after an hour and a half, had assumed we were out of the danger zone and popped her in her little Minnie Mouse plane to play.  Next thing I know Daddy Jones is calling on me has she has performed one of her spectacular vomits all over the plane and poor Minnie Mouse.  This has to be THE most annoying place to have puked.  It has lots of little nooks and crannies.  I removed her from it and decided to wipe up what I could.  WHAT AN ERROR!  I only went and hit one of the buttons and set off the propeller on the front of the plane.  The result – flying vomit across the living room.  Not my best moment.  I decided to put it out of the back door and deal with it after dinner.  I was keen to just blast it with the hose but was reminded that it has electronic parts and that wouldn’t be such a good idea.  I was dreading the clean up job but Daddy Jones, the absolute legend, went out and removed all the puke for me.  I bet he wishes they had just stayed in a hotel!

I can’t complain too much about Daisy’s puking as it has been a lot better than it used to be.  We now average 3 times a week when it used to be everyday.  I won’t be happy until it is down to zero times per week though.  We had a weigh in today and she has managed to put on 0.2kgs this month and is now 10kg!  Well done Daisy Doodles my little fois gras.  She has had a fair few gold stars recently as she’s been meeting little milestones.  She is loving copying Glamorous Grammy’s dance moves.  Huxley looks on with a face that says ‘you are both nuts!’.  She has also been happy to taste some savoury foods at dinnertime.  I think she likes tomato based sauces, particuarly my homemade Lloyd Grossman tomato and chilli sauce.

The Tidy Tyrant and I feel that Daisy is needing something that will push her a bit with her gross motor skills.  So we’ve signed her up for some rebound therapy.   It is an exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement and therapeutic exercise.  She’s only been once and while it is difficult to know yet if she liked it, she didn’t complain so I’m taking that as a good sign.  They said I could get on the trampoline too and I was about to jump up and join in when Glamorous Grammy reminded me that I am pregnant and probably shouldn’t.  I keep forgetting about being pregnant.  Poor Baby Val.

My little Huxley Bear is no longer a baby.  He is going to be the big ONE this weekend.  This year has flown in.  It feels way, way, way faster than Daisy’s first year.   I’ve been trying to work out why.  I suppose with Daisy we went through so much in her first year with her chemo and hip spica that it seemed to be never-ending.  I think it is also because  at age 3, she is still like a baby in so many ways.  I’ve felt like I’ve been in the baby phase for years and couldn’t picture a wee toddler running around the place.  Huxley seems to be doing new things everyday at the moment.  The Tidy Tyrant isn’t going to recognise the baby he left back in April.  I finally caught Huxley moving  from lying down to sitting up yesterday afternoon and he hasn’t stopped doing it since.  I heard him chatting away in his cot this morning and went through and he was sitting up playing with his toys.  I was so excited.  It represents a really big change for me.  He’s going from being a wee baby to becoming a toddler.  He has until Saturday to crawl.  That’s his deadline.  I’ve told him.  Crawling by Saturday or, or, or.  Well nothing.  But how cool would it be if he actually crawled before his first birthday?

He had his first haircut today.  Daisy hasn’t even had her haircut yet!  I decided that he needed to look dapper for his birthday on Saturday.  Hairdresser to the stars, Generous Julie,  took time out of her busy schedule to come over and give him a wee trim.  She did a sterling job.  I don’t know how she managed it without maiming him or her.  The wee man doesn’t stop moving for a second.  Now he is even more handsome all ready for his birthday.

I was planning a BBQ to celebrate his birthday but the crappy Scottish weather seems to have hit full force.  At this rate I’ll be cooking the burgers and sausages in the oven.  All is not lost though as I have fully stocked the prosecco fridge.  And where there is prosecco there is fun, right?  Well fun for everyone else.  I’ll just have to watch them all celebrating.  I tried some non alcoholic wine the other week.  Absolute rubbish.  Don’t waste your money.  I’d rather drink Shloer.  At least it doesn’t pretend to be a wine.

It’s going to be another month before we see The Tidy Tyrant.  But, on the massive plus side, he has arranged time off so he can come on holiday with us.  Its a big family holiday this year to celebrate Patient Pops’ 70th and my 30th(ish).  I’m pleased to say The Tidy Tyrant has managed to avoid eating any more McDonalds while he’s been away.  I can polish my halo as I have now gone 5 whole months and 6 days without one.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t love one of those delicious little cheeseburgers.  Or a McChicken Sandwich.  Or a Big Mac.  But I will stay strong.  What’s another 6 months and 24 days?




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