Sugar, Standing, Sleeping and Spewing

So what’s been happening since my last post on the blogosphere?  Well.  I have now enjoyed two McDonalds.  Both have been delicious.  Huxley however didn’t agree.  Clearly he has a more refined palate than his Mum. I have also given up sugar in my coffee.  I was a white with two kind of a girl… Continue reading Sugar, Standing, Sleeping and Spewing


Probiotics, puking, presents and progress

I am proud to report that I ventured out with all three babies myself for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  Well ok, so I met Playful Paula and Bryce so I wasn’t completely on my own but I was impressed with myself none the less.  Before this I was rather on edge… Continue reading Probiotics, puking, presents and progress


Reflux, Road-tripping and really rather tired.

Hello readers.  Long time no speak.  Life is rather busy these days.  It is a constant round of feeding and washing.  People always say that having a baby is a huge shock to the system but I hadn’t really felt it before, despite Daisy’s complex needs.  But wowser.  Three children.  That knocks you for six.… Continue reading Reflux, Road-tripping and really rather tired.


Family of five finding our feet

As you’d probably expect life as got a whole lot busier over the past few weeks.  Poppy will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and we are starting to get into some semblance of a routine.  In my last blog I was battling with breastfeeding.  I gave up.  It was making me absolutely miserable.  I actually… Continue reading Family of five finding our feet


Welcome to the world Poppy

The world just got a little lovelier.  The words on the congratulations card Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful brought for us on the birth of Poppy.  I thought they were beautiful.  Indeed the world did just get a little lovelier for The Stovs. Poppy joined us at 10:39am on Wednesday 11th October weighing 7lbs 14oz.… Continue reading Welcome to the world Poppy


Final few days as a family of four

Finally, The Tidy Tyrant is back home with us and we are a family of four again.  And not before time.  Baby Val is due to join us this week!  Daisy and Huxley were both chuffed to have their Daddy back.  Huxley remembered him this time.  Phew! Because of the way the universe was conspiring… Continue reading Final few days as a family of four

Birthday Celebrations

Blimey, it’s the blog’s belated birthday!

I am two days late celebrating the blog’s birthday.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first started writing it.  I’m also pretty chuffed that I’ve found the time to keep it going.  I think it is mostly down to the support from all you lovely readers.  I’m always really touched by the… Continue reading Blimey, it’s the blog’s belated birthday!