One more sleep!!!

I can’t quite believe I am finally typing this, but The Tidy Tyrant is home tomorrow!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  After nearly three months we will be a Mummy, a Daddy and two little Stovs again.  I can’t wait to see Daisy’s face when she sees him.  I’ll try and capture it on camera.  She is a Daddy’s girl through and through and when he’s about no one else gets a look in.  It will be interesting to see how The Tiny Tyrant responds to his Daddy.  He’s basically gone nearly a quarter of his life without seeing him.

I have not had time for any frantic tidying efforts and I’m working tomorrow so can you all please cross your fingers that the house is tidy enough for his lordship.  Unlikely I know.  I have told him that it is as tidy as we like it and that if he wants it any tidier he’ll have to do it himself.  At least the cleaner comes tomorrow.  It’ll be clean if nothing else.

Since my last blog the little Stovs have been on the move.  Huxley has gone against my wishes and decided to give commando crawling a go.  That should put a whole different spin on the holiday!  Thank goodness The Tidy Tyrant will be there.  It is most definitely his turn to chase after him.  It was absolutely bloody lovely though when he crawled over to me when I got back from Tesco this afternoon.  I have waited so long for that moment.

Doodles has also been on the move.  She has figured out her Scooot and is starting to move with intent.  This is a HUGE step forward.  Daisy has never really seemed to want to get anywhere before.  Last week she turned herself 180 degrees to see her Daddy on FaceTime.  Then she moved herself over to my prosecco fridge and tried to pull the handle.  That was a very proud moment.  Of all the places to make towards she goes for the prosecco fridge.  That’s my girl!!!

I think we have a lot to celebrate this week.  I can feel a Pizza Express family date night on the horizon.  Especially as they have just introduced vegan mozzarella alternative.  I will be able to give my wee Tiny Tyrant a pizza.  I’m sure it’ll become his favourite restaurant as well as Daisy’s.

Daisy had her first haircut this evening.  She has her Daddy’s curls.  I am not quite sure what to do with them what with having had poker straight hair all my life.  Well if you discount the few disastrous attempts at a perm in my teens.  Daisy’s hair is soooooooo slow to grow.  Here’s hoping the wee trim will encourage it.  I can’t wait for the time I can put bunches in it.  I think it’ll look like two little pom poms on her head.  She’ll look so cute.

Just a short blog this evening because I am absolutely wiped out and need to get to bed.  Baby Val seems to be taking it out of me.  Thank goodness for Glamorous Grammy, Patient Pops, Uncle Quiet and Auntie Peaceful.  They have been on hand to help out while The Tidy Tyrant has been away working and it has been invaluable to me.  You just can’t put a price on having an awesome family living so close!


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